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Why Migrate to WP Engine?

Accelerate your site speed with the web’s fastest WordPress host

Create a better experience by improving your website speed up to 40% after migrating to WP Engine. Faster page speeds will increase your Google rankings and will drive more traffic to your site.

WP Engine Hosting Migrations

Effortlessly transition your WordPress site to a high-performance, secure, and reliable WP Engine hosting environment with our seamless migration services.

Asked Questions

Based on 3rd party data from the HTTP Archive and CrUX report, WP Engine is the fastest among the top WordPress hosts. Read the report here. We offer a Free Fully-Managed CDN with multiple caching layers, and utilize the latest, fastest PHP version.

Speed is one of the most important factors in a high-performing site that attracts and retains customers. Two seconds or less is ideal to avoid unwanted bounce rates, with page load times longer than Google's recommended five seconds negatively affecting your search engine rankings? Every second makes conversions fall by 12%.

WP Engine hosting plan prices vary depending on the needs of your site or sites: expected traffic, regular or seasonal scaling events, the importance of speed and advanced security, and more. With prices starting at $25, all of their WordPress hosting plans are completely customizable to tailor to the broad range of businesses they host from freelancers to the largest enterprise brands.