Our Impact

Our Commitment to Reforestation

Driven by Our Mission

Reforestation is the key to combating wildlife destruction and the affects of carbon emissions around the world. Each fiscal quarter, we contribute a portion of our gross revenue to funding reforestation projects.

We believe trees are the solution to many of the planets environmental challenges. From their ability to capture carbon and produce oxygen to sustaining habitats for wildlife...trees are everything. That is why we believe reforestation is the best path forward. Every fiscal quarter we donate our funds directly to our partner, One Tree Planted. Each dollar equals one tree. This allows us to plant thousands of trees every year. 

Learn More About Our Partner, One Tree Planted.

One Tree Planted is a non-profit environmental charity on a mission of global reforestation. We plant trees in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacific.

Current & Upcoming Projects

Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity. Forests provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people, absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere, and are key ingredients in 25% of all medicines. Have you ever taken an Aspirin? It comes from the bark of a tree!

450 Trees Planted!

Quarter 3, 2022: Mexico

Mexico, Providing an eco-system for Monarch Butterflies

Mexico is a resting place for the migration of Monarch butterflies, one of nature's most important pollinators. Reforestation will protect these critical biodiversity habitats.

Quarter 4, 2022: Haiti

Repairing the Soil to Provide for Improved Food Production Reforestation is a major challenge for Haiti. Centuries of over-farming and poor agricultural methods have destroyed the region’s soil. Erosion makes it very difficult to grow food, and dramatically increases the impact of natural disasters. Planting trees here will help restore nutrients to the soil and teach local farmers how to use the land responsibly and profitably.

Planned Projects:
Q1 - 2023: Australia

By planting trees in Australia, you're creating habitat corridors for koalas in New South Wales and Victoria, enhancing biodiversity in Western Australia, and promoting sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices with landowners. Our bushfire recovery efforts are focused on re-establishing habitat and supporting fire-impacted communities to grow and plant millions of trees. As tree planting costs are high in Australia, your dollar will often go to the tree itself, and we collaborate with awesome partners to ensure the trees are planted and maintained the right way. We also support direct seeding projects in areas where this is ecologically appropriate, which allows for cost-effective restoration at scale.